You’ve invested in your fair share of business education. 

(In fact, there may have even been a time or two where you binge-watched a few too many biz resources!)

And while you understand the value (and necessity) of investing in your business (and yourself!), you aren’t quite sure the next step.

Do you invest in a Mastermind?
What about one-on-one Coaching?
Maybe if you can just find the right course you’ll finally get some results?

you feel stuck

There are too many choices & not enough answers. 

introducing the

round 3 | Only 7 spots
September 15-19, 2019

we put this together for you

for the boss lady in you ready to buckle down & see big results.

This is not a “basics” program.

You know how to run a business … and chances are, you’ve been doing it for a few years!

Think of this as Business 2.0. High-touch education.

We’re gonna teach you what we know, in true #realtalk format, with a behind the scenes look at the exact strategies we’ve used in our businesses to launch sold out conferences and mentorships for 100’s of creatives, build passive revenue streams, and grow engaged audiences of real customers.

Our goal is to propel your business forward with actionable content and hands-on implementation.

This is an intensive for women ready to take the leap into more tailored, targeted education.


We’ve got years of entrepreneurship under our belt, combined with dozens of coaching clients + multiple revenue streams. And for the second time, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing it all with you - together.

Say no more, I’m in!

Hi y’all!! I’m Kat: conference founder, wedding planner, wife & mom! I help creatives make dreams a reality with resources & biz education! I know what it’s like to have all the ideas in your head, but no idea how to make them happen. In 4 years, I’ve launched 3 businesses, left my cushy full-time job, brought my husband on full-time & built a team around doing what I love. I can’t wait to get down to the nitty-gritty with you during this 3-day intensive! I promise I won’t hold anything back; and I can’t wait to watch lightbulb moments meet “I really think I can do this!” feelings. Will I see you in September?

kat schmoyer

owner of dear sweetheart events & founder of creative at heart conference

Hey friend! I'm Megan, a writer, speaker, and graphic designer producing relevant educational content and resources for creatives. I'm on a mission to encourage and equip creative women with tools and community to do business well after serving over 5 years as a wedding planner and brand designer. When I'm not running this biz or traveling to conferences, you can find me living out my circus life with my husband J, two little girls, and a baby boy in sunny Florida! ;) I've got a knack for digging in to help you create profitable strategies and can't wait to see you in September!

megan martin

branding & marketing strategist
at megan martin creative

meet your hosts & get the deets!

we know business

→ Last conference sold 120 seats... in 3 hours!

→ My husband left his 9-5 to work for the biz

→ Running 3 businesses

→ Stay at home Mama to a baby boy

→ Multiple six figure launches

→ Booking dream wedding coordination clients

→ Passive Shop brought in $16k... in the last 2 months

→ Booking 5 figure design clients

→ Running a team of 3

→ Stay at home Mama with 3 babies

→ Landing dream collab projects

→ Speaking at conferences like Alt Summit & C@H

you know us

We're not all about the brag and we aren't going to act like hitting big numbers doesn't take hard work.

but we want you to see what is possible

with hands on help from two boss ladies just like you 

That's why we believe in high touch education. You bring that big dream.

We'll help you make it happen!


Keep reading for all the details!



September 15-19, 2019


Nashville, Tennessee

who's invited?

Creative entrepreneurs looking for tailored, targeted education. Entrepreneurs ready:

… the movers, shakers, makers & service-providers of the creative small biz world.

→ To grow an engaged email list
→ To create passive revenue
→ To get more time back while their biz grows

what you'll learn

3 full days of tailored content covering topics like:

Passive Income, Content Planning, Brand Messaging, Email Marketing, Building a Team, and Launching with Success.

This isn’t a sit-down-in-a-conference-room-and-take-notes-until-your-hand-falls-off kinda thing.

This is a sit-down-and-take-notes-then-actually-implement-what-you’re-learning-with-2-personalized-coaches kinda thing.

We don’t plan to teach the content while wiping our hands of what comes next. You can expect dedicated time together to work through pain-points & frustrations in your business. We want you to take every advantage of this tailored, in-person experience, knowing that by committing to attend you’re not only getting 3 full days of content, but action steps and implementation strategies, too.

Enough said, I’m in!

→ To launch that big dream
→ To finally get consistent with marketing
→ To make an impact with their brand

To grow an engaged email list

To create passive revenue

To launch that big dream

To finally get consistent with marketing

To get more time back while their biz grows

To make an impact with their brand.

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, girl! We’ve got answers!

we're ready

To welcome you to Nashville, Tennessee!

We're hosting our 3 day hands on business intensive in the Music City! And we're doing it slumber party style... we're all staying together! #girlsweek! Get ready to learn, laugh till you cry, and probably cry, too. ;)

We'll be staying just outside of Nashville so we can see the city! When it is time to get down to biz, we will get comfy at our spacious rental! If the planner in you needs a few more details...

travel details

Nashville International Airport

1 Terminal Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Before you rent a car, connect in the FB Group so we can ride together! There is limited parking in the city.




One Big AirBnB!

We will be staying together in a stunning large AirBnB complete with a comfy furnished outdoor space! Lodging is included in your ticket price.

With the nature of an intimate setting like an AirBnB, you may be in a shared room with 1 other attendee. We're gonna get cozy and close!

Nashville, Tennessee!

We're ready to welcome you to the South's Music City!

Our AirBnB is just outside the city with a quick ride to all the delicious restaurants, Nashville sights, and country music fun!

what's included

Meet & Greet Sunday Night, Dinner is on us!

Oh, Hello!

Nom Nom

Treats, Please!

Breakfast & Lunch on all 3 days of the intensive

There'll be plenty of wine, snacks, and caffeine, too!

Private FB Group with Attendees

Let's Chat

Pre-Intensive Webinar

Our Templates

The fun will kick off with an in-depth branding webinar! 

You'll get access to the exact templates we use for marketing!

can’t wait for September! Sign me up!

why is this not a course?

Between the two of us, we’ve take a few (ahem, a lot) of courses. And while we understand the value & ease they bring, you can’t get to the next level with courses alone.

In order to push past barriers, break down walls & really take your business to new heights, you need one-on-one attention paired with accountability, mastermind & implementation. That's what we call high-touch education.

That’s exactly why we created the Business Intensive.

For 3 days, we’ll be dedicated to watching lightbulb moments go off, seeing your big dreams actually take shape and walking alongside you as you uplevel your business.

You’ve gotten enough theory. You’ve tried to DIY long enough through courses built for the masses and hacked swipe copy. That isn’t going to make you stand out in a saturated market.

We are ready to help you take those big dreams and turn them into actual plans. Want to launch a workshop? Ready to create passive products? Dreaming of educating? Let’s do this, together!

I need this. Sign me up!

what you'll get

arrive in Nashville & get ready for

One big slumber party! We'll all be staying at a stunning AirBnB together, become fast friends, and enjoy Music City! Plus the biz action like:

→ A mastermind experience with 7 other boss ladies just like you who are ready to uplevel in business. There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions, bounce ideas off the group, and get 1:1 help from us.

→ A clear brand messaging foundation to connect with your ideal customer and convert with confidence.

→ A tailored content marketing plan to help you get consistent and grow an engaged audience of ready-to-buy customers.

→ Access to marketing templates including our blog writing template, Trello workflows, and Welcome Sequence template for email marketing. 

→ An in-depth understanding of how we leverage email marketing to sell (without feeling like a used-car salesman!) and hands-on time to help you write a welcome or sales sequence.

→ The exact formulas we use to launch new services, offerings, and products.

→ Hot Seat time with us to get strategic advice on your biggest business questions.

don't take it from us. here's what past attendees have to say!

"The Business Intensive is a gathering of creative entrepreneurial women that are ready for the next big step in their business, but need guidance and direction. At the Intensive, you learn about business content that can be tailored to any creative business, including marketing strategies to help you reach your next business goals. You leave with lots of helpful business information, strategies, and actionable steps to get you to your goal in 6 months. You also leave with a brand new community of creative women that are dedicated to their goals, but also want to help you reach your own goals! :) The small, intimate community allows for the content to be tailored to each person that attends!"

the small, intimate community allows for the content to be tailored to each person!

Kevyn Cress, Photographer & Educator

"The Business Intensive provides one-to-one focus on you, your business and your goals. It helped me take a step back and get out of the day-to-day routine I do for my business and really think on a broader scale of growth. I WISH there were more opportunities like this!"

one-to-one focus on you,
your business, & your goals!

Dana Osborne, Stationery Designer

I've spent the last few years solely focusing on working in my business rather than on it. I knew this was a perfect opportunity to dedicate some time to working on my goals and getting a game plan in place for how I can grow my business. The experience feels like a party, but gives you the framework for building a solid plan that will allow you to make measurable growth in your business in the next 6 months. 

The perfect opportunity to
get a game plan!

Danielle Pastula, Marketing Strategist & Digital Course Creator

The Business Intensive was exactly what I needed. I went into it with a specific goal in mind for my business, and I walked away with action-steps, things I could implement right away, confidence, and so much more!

the business intensive was exactly what i needed!

Jessica Mattingly, Wedding Planner & Coach for Wedding Planners

the investment - ONLY 7 spots available!

apply now!


early bird payment plan

Approved applicants can reserve their seat for

apply now!


early bird ticket


Approved applicants can pay in full for

Together, we have a huge heart for making sure that the Business Intensive is the right fit for each and every attendee. While it isn't based on dollars earned or years in business, we do look at your goals to ensure we can help you take your business to the next level!

after applying, we will contact you if accepted into the program with next steps! we can't wait to learn more about your big dreams and goals!

frequently asked questions

Is there a payment plan available? 

Yes! Upon acceptance of your application, you can choose your payment option!

Will you be doing another Business Intensive?

We do not have another Intensive scheduled at this time! We hope to see you in September!

I'm a ___. Is this the right fit for me?

This intensive is for the movers, shakers, makers, and biz owners of the creative industry. We have extensive experience as both service providers and product shop owners, so the education can truly be tailored to help you uplevel! 

What airport should I fly into?

Nashville International Airport would be your best bet. Make sure to connect in the FB group for riding together to the Air BnB!

Is lodging included?

Yes, lodging is included in your ticket price! With the nature of an intimate setting like an AirBnB, you may be in a shared room with 1 other attendee. We're gonna get cozy and close!

What if I sign up & then I have to cancel?

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are only 7 spots available and we hope to see you fill one! 


Hoping to come to the intensive? Send us a note!

Email us!

We can't wait to connect!